MLCA Range Rules

(As approved by the MLCA Board of Directors, March 12th, 2008)
The following rules apply to all shooting ranges. Any violation of any rule may subject a member or guest to immediate expulsion from the range. If asked to leave the range by a RO, the member or guest must comply immediately or be subject to further disciplinary action by the Board of Directors. All members are responsible for their own actions and those of their guests.

  1. There must be a MLCA certified RO and one (1) observer present on the range at all times before any shooting will be permitted. If more than one certified RO is present, the RO of Record (i.e., checked out the key) shall direct the range.
  2. All participating shooters acknowledge, by signing in on the range roster, that they have read, understand and will obey all MLCA range rules.
  3. Range commands and controls must be obeyed immediately.
  4. Eye and ear protection is mandatory for anyone inside the gate of the range.
  5. No one is allowed forward of the firing line unless a cease-fire has been called and the range is declared safe.
  6. During cease-fire and while anyone is forward of the firing line, no firearm will be handled. No one is to approach or be at the bench, or forward of the red safety line.
  7. At the Cease-Fire command:
    • Firearms must be unloaded, actions opened, benched or cased.
    • Revolvers must be placed on the bench with the cylinder open.
    • Pistols must be placed on the bench with the chamber opened, magazine removed, and the slide in the locked open position.
    • Muzzleloaders must have the ramrod inserted in the barrel.
    • Long guns must be benched and pointed down range.
    • With the exception of muzzleloaders, a plastic insert (open bolt indicator, OBI) must be placed in the chambers of all firearms. The tab must be visible to the RO.
    • Range will be declared safe when the above has been accomplished, and all persons have moved behind the red safety line.
  8. All shooting is to take place from one firing line only.
  9. The use of any unauthorized target material (cans, bottles, etc) is prohibited. Shooters must shoot at paper targets.
  10. Shooting objects on the ground is prohibited. Targets are to be mounted on material furnished for that purpose and not to be attached to backstop stringers or supports. Shooters may fire at other targets only as approved by the Board of Directors (i.e.. Good Ole Days, Muzzleloaders, Cowboy action, etc.).
  11. Shooters must satisfy the RO of Record that all shots are on target. If shots are not on target, the RO of Record may designate corrective action.
  12. Loading shall be done at firing line only with gun pointed down range, gun level with ground and below top of berm.
  13. Multiple loading, multiple firing, and function firing must be requested by an individual shooter, and approved by the RO of Record. Multiple firing must be executed in an aimed and timed cadence. Multiple loading or multiple firing is prohibited during ‘Sight in Days’ or’Public Shoots’ (i.e. Good Old Days, Women on Target, etc).
  14. Charging the chamber, or closing the bolt on a loaded round, must be done with gun pointed down range, level with ground, below top of berm, with finger away from trigger.
  15. Shooting any firearm from an unstable position (i.e. shooting from the hip etc.) is prohibited.
  16. No muzzleloader may be primed or capped until the shooter is on the firing line and muzzle is pointed down range.
  17. Open containers of powder or muzzleloader caps are prohibited when firearms are not being loaded. Closed containers of powder or caps must be kept at the rear of the shooting bench when firearms are being fired.
  18. All malfunctions are to be reported to the RO of Record immediately.
  19. Tracer or any ammunition being incendiary or explosive is strictly prohibited.
  20. Spectators are not permitted on the firing line.
  21. An adult must accompany all shooters under sixteen (16) years of age.
  22. The use of .50 caliber “Browning Machine Gun” ammunition is strictly prohibited.
  23. Intoxicating beverages and intoxicated shooters are prohibited within the fenced area.
  24. Smoking is prohibited on the firing line.
  25. The RO of Record shall designate vehicles for target changes at the 200-meter line. Only designated vehicles may be used for target changes.
  26. Before leaving the range, shooters must remove their targets from backstop and pick up all debris and brass.
  27. Times of operation will be set by the Board of Directors and posted on the ODR.

Thank you!