M.L.C.A. History – 1971-72

John Whitmore was our president for 1971-72.
Our working capital is $10,000.00, we are a going concern. An executive committee is set up to operate between board meetings.
The liquor control commission suspends our license for 30 days in March, 342 members and guests attend the quietist membership meeting in our history.
Twenty-five hundred dollars is spent on new kitchen equipment and new membership applications are suspended, we have more than 500 on file. Our new members are furnished name tags.
We receive a Sunday liquor license and build the recreation room in the basement.
The alarm system is installed, bottle gas is installed in the clubhouse requiring much conversion, and the kitchen storage room is added, also our loading dock.
The year is capped off with blacktop on the parking area and the drive to Newton Road.