M.L.C.A. History – 1967-68

A most successful New Years Eve Party started off 1967 and the new package idea, which included entertainment, food and drinks for the price of admission, was well accepted. The way was now open for the many annual events to follow. First off we had the Walley Tabor Show, always a popular money maker, then the famous rabbit hunt for the sling shot shooters and the fox hunts for the hale and hearty.
Not forgetting our club dedication, classes were formed to instruct the youth and uninformed grown-ups in hunters safety, rifle and shot gun handling and shooting. The Pistol Club inaugurated a class for women in gun handling so they could protect their home from criminal invaders.
Some of our dedicated members felt the need of advanced conservation knowledge and training so ten Multi-Lakers traveled to Higgins Lake to attend the leadership training course in conservation.
Reviving an old project, the president reactivated the old building committee and put them to work getting prices and different ideas for an addition to our club house. The package they came up with included first floor rest rooms, additional meeting room space and cloak and storage space, which was attractive to the General Membership. The committee estimated the cost to be around $27,000. Nonetheless approval was voted at a regular Membership Meeting. The Plans were open for inspection and bids from member contractors. The Boy Scouts, also, would like a meeting place of their own, so their club representative came to the Board and asked for $300.00 towards the construction of a 20 x 24 building.
With every committee operating enthusiastically, it looks like our 25th year in operation is going to be a memorable one. And when we celebrate our Silver Anniversary Aug. 19-20 with a planned Sportsmans Extravaganza it will rival past events known as Outdooramas. There will be some reminiscence but better to accept the heritage built up for us and carry on by continuing to work and accomplish even greater things to retain our high standard of respect in conservation club circles.

Our second 25 years begins with 200 more working hands and minds as we increase the number of members from 800 to 1000.
We begin to work under a budget for the first time and all checking accounts will be consolidated into one central system with a bookkeeper hired on a monthly basis.
Plans for an addition to the range building are started due to over use and the walk-in cooler for the bar is purchased and put in operation.
We close out the year by opening the club at noon during the week and adding a food grill behind the bar.

Best Wishes from our friends across the River
The Cheese &Cracker Club, an organization within the Windsor Sportsmens Clubs, was formed in December 1965 with about 15 or 20 members. Each member put 25 cents in a box each week, thus creating fellowship, especially with the help of the beer which we had with the cheese & crackers!! The intention, at that time was, to have a party at which everything would be paid from the “kitty”.
Before the first party, the clubhouse burned down, so we continued by meeting at the Riviera Motel and the membership kept increasing, primarily because we were the only body of Sportsmen that continued to meet on a weekly basis. A weekly draw was started, and with the help of a draw at Christmas we were able to donate $300.00 to the Club building fund.
The membership kept increasing with some of the fellows from Multi- Lakes joining. After the new club was closed —in work parties were organized for painting, cleaning, etc. The Cheese & Cracker Club built, installed and donated to the Club, the kitchen exhaust hood, and the first television. They then took on the task of selling enough tickets from the Detroit United Conservation Club to have a color T. V. set installed at the Windsor Sportsmens Club.
At the regular meeting of June, 1967, a set of presentation flags (American & Canadian) was presented to the club. At the July meeting of the Multi-Lakes Conservation Assoc., a Canadian presentation flag was presented to that organization by The Cheese & Cracker Club from the Windsor Sports men’s Club.
Our membership was cut off at 100, and a good number of this 100 attend both the Windsor Sportsmens Club and Multi-Lakes Conservation Assoc. meetings each month.
We would like at this time to wish Multi-Lakes the very best on their 25th Anniversary and be the Good Lord willin’ we will present another Canadian flag to your club on its 50th Anniversary.