M.L.C.A. History – 1965

1965 saw big changes planned for our skeet and trap and big-bore ranges. A new and bigger building was needed for the shot gun group and lights on the field for night shooting. The old glass house was to be willed to the Archers who were very much in need of a place they could call headquarters. The big bore committee planned a building capable of enabling inside shooting from port holes and afford much needed storage space. Both committees received the go-ahead from the board of directors.
In the entertainment field, the committee staged the first Millionaire’s Party beside all the other events now accepted as annual affairs.
With all the plans for constructing new buildings, some thought was given to the raising of money other than the usual methods of staging a project or by an assessment. Some ideas that were suggested were to raise the dues to $20.00 a year, raise the membership to 1,000 limit, have a Ladies Auxiliary. Note was taken of the great interest in the now annual ladies night at a regular general meeting. However, the amendment that was adopted to the by—laws was to raise the annual dues to $20.00 a year.
Another amendment approved was the classification of members into three groups; regular, senior and honorary, (full-paid member, half-pay member, no-pay member).
Our first Wild Game Dinner is sold out, we build the Big Bore Range Building and fence in the range, and a new dock is built, which is floated on 250 gallon oil drums and secured with motor blocks.
A permanent Skeet and Trap Building is erected, the fields are lighted and the road is moved to the rear of the building instead of between the building and the fields. The old frame Skeet and Trap Building is moved to the Archery Range where it is today.
Dues are doubled to $20.00 and Senior Membership is put in place.
The first Salmon are planted in the Great Lakes, opening dates of a split deer season are changed from November 15th and a Senior fishing license is 50 cents.