M.L.C.A. History – 1960-61

Under Monty Wysong’s guidance, a credit union is started but denied because of our charter.
Rabbit hunts are started by our Slingshot Committee and we sponsor the first M.U.C.C. State Shoot.
Committee Chairman Meetings are begun on a monthly basis.
Individual barbecues are installed around the grounds and we had to purchase a new flag with 50 stars.
We install a new ceiling and add new lighting in the bar room.
The water supply became insufficient when large gatherings used the club facilities so a new well and pump were installed with a guaranteed sufficient output, as well as two outside wells and pumps to water lawn in front of club house and on the skeet & trap range.
Our Skeet and Trap fields are fenced and a swap day is held twice a year.
New committees include Finance, Budgeting and Inventory and we insure the complete club property and contents.
Twenty new picnic tables are built and we buy our pool table and an ice machine..
Bylaws to limit board terms to 2 consecutive 3 year terms.