M.L.C.A. History – 1958-59

Weldon Payne was elected President for 1958 in the face of declining business conditions reminiscent of depression days. Efforts were concentrated on increasing member participation in all of our activities. Outstanding cooperation by officers, directors and rank and file members have helped make 1958 a successful year despite conditions.
Everett Ramsey and his Door Prize Committee and Stan Tusan and his Fish Fry Committee have established records which will go down in Multi-Lakes history. Our club sponsored Little League Teams under the capable chairmanship of Claire Wein and Norman Trudeau, have taken their place in the sun, and bleachers have been added to our ball diamond.
Harold Purdie, one of our stalwart directors, has capably chairmaned the House Committee, and the beautiful condition of our premises attest to his ability. Our grounds have never been more beautiful Jim Campion and his committee have made our 60 acres the beauty spot of the area. Special mention should go to Walter Peters whose genius with flowers has made our clubhouse grounds a riot of color.
Marion Pullis and his membership committee fathered the idea of an indoctrination meeting for all new members and their sponsors. This resulted in one of the most active group of new members Multi-Lakes has ever had.
Ted Czarnecki was appointed chairman of the Skeet and Trap Committee. Due to the labors of Ted and his committee, Skeet and Trap interest rose to a new high at Multi-Lakes and plans for a Skeet and Trap Clubhouse have begun to take shape.
The Annual Kids’ Picnic with Iner Hurd and Roy Stiles in charge, kept our record of successful picnics unbroken.
Weldon Payne was elected to the Board of Directors of Michigan United Conservation Clubs for a three year term and was appointed to three important statewide committees; the Hunter Safety Committee, Publications Committee and was reappointed Chairman of the Annual Award Committee. The M.U.C.C. Annual Convention was held at Sault St. Marie and Multi-Lakes delegates to that convention were Clayton Adams, Harold Purdie, Jim Campion and Weldon Payne.
Day Perry was appointed Chairman of the 3rd Annual Outdoorama and with the assistance of Al Dixon, the 1956-57 Chairman, the affair promises to be our most successful.
We begin to sponsor a Boy Scout Troop “170” and a paper drive is started. Five hundred dollars is donated to begin the Walled Lake School Outdoor Center at Proud Lake. Sixty percent of all members must live within 10 miles of the club because we have only a 6% turnover and over 300 applications on file. Club members go north to cut deer browse and fox hunts are held. Our air makeup system is installed and a Slingshot Committee is started and the roller door between the bar and kitchen is installed.
The great need for club house improvements in 1958 prompted the purchase of 300 new chairs, redecoration of the interior, hanging of new drapes in the lounge, folding or rolling enclosures for the kitchen and bar openings, and the appropriation for $5,000.00 worth of kitchen equipment.
Unhindered by the workbees necessarily going on around the club property, business went on as usual –
– The new range building was busily conducting junior-and senior—rifle activities; pistol shooters and archers were active in the winter months. Many junior experts graduated from the 750 shooters who fired 35,000 rounds during the 1957— 58 season.
– Our club grounds was the site for the Oakland County Principals Meeting to arouse interest in conservation and safety in our schools.
– The first indoctrination meeting was established for new members and the committee chairmen.
– Presented the 3rd Annual “Outdoorama” Sept. 13—14.
– MLCA went on record supporting MUCC to prevent commercial exploitation of Porcupine Mountain Park.
– Retirement fund changed to the building replacement fund, on recommendation of our auditors.