M.L.C.A. History – 1954-55

 In 1954 Clayton Adams became President and he was very active. Ten more boys were sent to camp. A new entrance was constructed. Safety posts installed on all roads and near the lake frontage. A committee was appointed to work on the problem of outboard motors on Reed Lake. Two dog trials were held, one a Spring trial and the other a puppy match. A memorial to “Bird Glaspie” the founder of the “One Buck” lair was completed. A beauty spot on our grounds.
April 4 the membership relaxes at the 11th Annual Inaugural Ball later to become the Past Presidents Ball.
Other interesting developments included;
– Purchase of a new water system with a 6-inch pipe and an efficient large capacity pump.
– Approval for new heating system, awaiting plans and prices.
– Go-ahead for construction of oval parkway with Glasby memorial as the center—piece.
— In the club house, installation of new toilets, construction finished on the outside vestibule, non-skid safety treads put on the stairs.
– Pollution problem attacked in Walled Lake by MLCA committee.
– The Secretary and Treasurer’s responsibility was to include a $180.00 expense account, to go in effect in 1955.
– Establishment of an insurance broker to handle all club policies and keep the club informed of its needs.
It is good to see, included in the events worth noting in 1954, that the Multi-Lakes ladies are coming out of the kitchen and entertainment field and joining in a rifle shooting class in the new range house.

In 1955 Clayton was President again. The club voted $1,000.00 to the Walled lake School district in order that mixed groups of boys and girls from the schools could be sent to the Proud Lake Recreation area for outdoor instruction.
Most memorable in 1955 was the club’s appropriation of $1,000.00 to promote and partially finance youth groups at the new Proud Lake Recreation Area Camp School and the dedication program of the Andrew Bird Glaspie Memorial. However, other Club activities and projects never slowed down, nor did the business of the club experience neglect.
Arnold Rahn was contracted by the board to handle the publication of the Multi-Laker and plans and prices were being received for the club house addition. The committees carried on with activities and sponsored functions to build up the treasury.
The entertainment committee kept the members dancing and enjoying bus trips to Tigers and Lions athletic events in Detroit.
Conservation programs such as hunters safety classes and attacks on water pollution received attention throughout the year.