M.L.C.A. History – 1953

This year Harry Helvey became President and by this time the annual dues had raised from $1.00 to $10.00 which indicated the scope of committee action in the previous year’s growth. This year M.L.C.A. sponsored a Walled Lake High School teacher and sent him to the Higgins Lake Conservation School. Thousands of Multi Flora Roses were planted along the east and west property line. A new indoor range building was erected giving the club one of the finest indoor ranges in Michigan. A Springer Spaniel trial was held on the club grounds.
Ten boys were sent to the Conservation Camp.
In 1953 the newly organized bar committee became business-like and set up a new, efficient bookkeeping system, to be audited regularly, and a full time bar-tender and custodian was engaged.
Also – The Multi-Laker was reborn, after a rather shaky period in tabloid form, to a glossy magazine (Aug. 1953).
– Permit granted, Sept. 9 by special Board action, and after many general meeting-night discussions, for the building of a rifle range house, (30 feet x 90 feet) at an estimated cost of $6,500.00 (the final cost did not greatly exceed this amount.)
– Throughout the year the Junior Rifle Committee presented medals to some 24 boys for accomplished marksmanship. Medals included all grades from Sharp Shooters to Expert marksman.
— Locally, the club made a donation to the Doctor MacKenzie memorial and sponsored a benefit dance toward this cause. The memorial finally culminated in the Walled Lake Clinic.
– MLCA sponsored the fifteenth annual Field Dog Trials of the English Springer Spaniel Club of Michigan. Held in the acreage now occupied by the new Walled Lake High School.