M.L.C.A. History – 1952

John Allan was elected in 1952 to lead the club and proposed an ambitious program, namely:
Porch, kitchen, good roads, dock, venetian blinds, pack stoves, picnic tables, new bar room furniture, playground equipment and completed most every project.
Planting of legal size trout in Reed Lake by Conservation Department, adding still more excitement to the all-night open house at the club with farm style breakfast served in the early hours.
Increased popularity of junior and senior rifle target shooting necessitated board action granting construction of portable backstops for shooting in the club ball-room and the purchase of four rifles.
The Entertainment Committee received permission to contract an orchestra for regular monthly dances.
Reorganization of the bar committee resulted in the lengthening of the bar, adding another cooler and new tables and chairs. To add a little color, new drapes were hung in the lounge.
At the December meeting, 1952, the final membership vote authorized the dues raise from five dollars ($5,00) to ten dollars ($10.00) a unanimous decision.