M.L.C.A. History – 1949

In 1949 Walt Horstman again became President and formulated plans still in use. Due to serious illness he was forced to retire. By May 1949, the clubhouse was completed, and from records available, it looks like May 18 was the date of our first meeting in the new club house. With the completion of the club house, activities began to pick up – dances, feather parties, fish fries etc., and well they might for the club was greatly in debt for heating, plumbing, wiring and floor covering. Money did not come in fast enough, so a special assessment was levied, $10.00 a member, payable in ninety days. Leniency was extended to those needing time.
It was in 1949 that the first fish derby was held and the club house stayed open all night for the event, serving breakfast in the morning.
Annual functions like the MUCC Award Presidents’ Ball brought in revenue and for each party a special beer and liquor license had to be gotten from the State Liquor Commission. This irked many members into discussing the idea of getting our own club license.
Schools in archery, bait and fly casting and small bore rifle were opened to members and their friends.
To keep the MUCC Boys’ Camp alive, M L C A joined other clubs and sent ten boys (expenses paid by their fathers because of the plight of our financial status).
One thousand pheasant eggs were secured and hatched at club expense for release when proper age was reached.
Insurance was purchased and divided between our two local agencies for the new $75,000.00 Club House. Membership pride was evident at the dedication ceremonies held Oct. 9, 1949.