M.L.C.A. History – 1946

By this time the Rifle Committee was experiencing growing pains and asked the club board of directors for a $500.00 advance to purchase rifles and equipment for an indoor range. They had already received permission to rent the second floor of the old Twin Beach Club House at the north end of Middle Straits Lake. Permission was granted and funds were made available.
At a special membership meeting, in February, a new set of revised and modernized By-Laws were discussed. They were put together and submitted to the regular membership meeting and unanimously accepted. Installed in these By-Laws, by Board action, was the unanimous agreement that “MLCA Club property cannot be sold or encumbered further in the event of dissolution of the Association at any time – said property shall be conveyed to the State of Michigan Department of Conservation as a game sanctuary.”
Even though the building of the club house was being held up, due to Government restrictions, events and fund raising projects carried on in great numbers as did the business of the club.
On August 14th, A dance was sponsored at the Walled Lake Casino which netted $3,123.71 profit. A Plymouth car was first prize.
Coon dog trials continued to be popular and the hard work necessary to stage them paid off in big profits.
An Annual Picnic, was held, with side attraction of a rifle shoot.
Club’s records as a non-profit organization were brought up to date for the Corporate and Securities Commission.
State Championship Bait and Fly Casting Tournament was held on MLCA grounds. Suitable docks were constructed in the lake. As an added attraction the Detroit Times Dog Trails were also held on the grounds and in neighboring fields.
During the month of May of this year the Board changed their meeting nights to the first Wednesday after the regular meeting instead of the first Monday.
In the latter months of 1946, the committees became very active. The Athletic Committee put on several fox hunts, arranged a wild cat hunt, and many turkey shoots. All these events added entertainment for the members as well as increase the monies in the Building Fund.