MLCA Meetings

Unless otherwise announced, the regular monthly meetings are scheduled as follows:

  • First Wednesday of each month – Chairperson’s Meeting – 7:30pm
  • Second Wednesday of each month – Board of Directors Meeting – 7:30pm
  • Third Wednesday of each month – General Membership Meeting – 8:00pm
    (November meeting is usually on the first Wednesday and other meetings will be cancelled.)
    See the Multi-Laker for deviations and scheduled entertainment.

Arrive early on General Meeting Night for Cook Your Own T-Bone Steak starting at 6:00pm.
Includes baked potato, tossed salad, garlic bread and coffee.

16 oz. T-Bone – $11.00
20 oz. T-Bone – $13.00
12 oz. Chicken Breast $9.00

Tickets must be purchased in advance at the bar. No phone orders, please.



Click to view/download the MLCA By-Laws (PDF)


MLCA Forms

Please use the appropriate link to access the proper form for your use. Fill in your information in the data fields. Print the form and mail or fax it to the club, or save the form to your hard drive and email it to:
The address and fax number are listed on the Organization page.

Online Facility Registration Form (DOC)

Online Change of Address Form (PDF)