We invite you to come out and try Bulls-eye Pistol

Shoot either center-fire semi-auto or revolver, up to .45 ACP.
You can also shoot rim-fire .22 caliber. Iron or optical sights permitted. No restrictions on barrel length, although, because we shoot at 50 feet, short barrel guns are discouraged.

We shoot the national match course – 10 rds slow, 10 rds timed, 10 rds rapid.

For your convenience, targets are provided. Bring your own eye & ear protection and ammunition.

Hours Of Operation:
Thursdays (Match) – 6pm to 9pm
Saturdays (Practice) – Noon to 3pm

Members – $4.00
Non-Members – $10.00

For Further Information, Call the Bulls-eye Pistol Chair:
James Howie – 248-698-1517
or email – howie9050@comcast.net