The 2018 CPL/PPH (Concealed Pistol License / Personal Protection in the Home) classes are scheduled as follows:

Please do not wait until the last minute to sign up. We have to decide two weeks before the class date if we will hold the class, or cancel due to lack of attendees.

Cost: $75.00 Members – $125.00 Non-Members

Note: This is NOT a class for beginners and/or first time handgun shooters – You must be familiar with your firearm before taking this class. We offer a 3-hour, 1st Step or Basic Pistol class, starting at 6:30pm on the fourth Tuesday of each month.
Basic Pistol Class Cost: $25.00 Members – $30.00 Non-Members.
Contact Bill Brennecke 248-624-6854 or email:

  • Leave gun(s) and 125 rounds of factory ammo in car. You will be told when to bring them inside the building.
    Gun(s) must be unloaded and cased, in transport mode.
  • Ear (muff type recommended) & eye protection.
  • Assemble in range house #2 between 8:00 – 8:30 a.m.
  • Class starts 8:30a.m. – Class ends approx. 7:00p.m. (or later, depending upon the time needed to answer questions during the legal portion of the class, or encountering unforeseen problems on the range.)
  • Lunch at club house (not included in course fee).
  • Special dietary requirements – BYO.
  • We need your name as shown on your drivers license or state I.D.
  • Bring pencil, pens, note paper & highlighter(s).
  • Member rate extends to spouse, parent, child & grandchild, but not in-laws.