MLCA Membership Application

You can download an application form Here
Note: This is a two page application. In the interest of conserving resources and space in our files, if you are able to print the form on both sides of a single sheet, please do so.

Membership Application

It’s easy to become a member at Multi-Lakes, Guests are allowed to come and experience the club before joining and get to know the  membership. Membership is on a sponsored basis so you need a current member to sponsor you. You would fill out an application and pay a $40.00 Application fee that will go towards your first year’s dues, you will have to attend a new member orientation meeting that would explain to you your requirements for the first year. Our club is a volunteer organization which means that most of our work around the club is don’t on a volunteer basis for which you ear club credits or hours.  As a probationary member, you have to volunteer for 24 club hours (credits) and attend 12 club functions in the first year, it’s that simple.

After your application is accepted you issued a membership card as a conditional member, would will be able to use all the club’s facilities at member prices. This membership extends to your immediate family that lives in the same household as you. So you and your wife and children may use the clubs facilities at member prices. The only thing that your family can’t do that you can is order alcohol at the club bar or vote at meetings. A good way to get to know the membership is to attend one of our events or meetings. Our general membership meetings are the third (3rd) Wednesday of the month, this is a dinner meeting and you may purchase a (cook your own at our outdoor grill) steak dinner, or purchase a burger and fries at our kitchen. Or come to our Fish fry on Friday evenings along with our Friday night classic car cruse (May thru Sept) and check out all the classic cars.

If you are attending a meeting, tell the Sargent of Arms at the front desk that you are my guest, and ask him to send you my way. I will introduce you to some of the members.

If you have any more questions feel free to contact me, the membership secretary at

Thank you for your interest in Multi-Lakes Conservation Association.

Conditional Membership

Conditional” members shall consist of any person who has applied, for the first time, for membership in the Association in accordance with these Bylaws, paid his or her respective application fee, had his or her application reviewed by the Membership Secretary, and who has been issued a Conditional membership card, but has not been inducted as a Probationary member. Those Conditional members whose applications have been approved by the Membership Committee and the Board, and who have paid their conditional member dues, shall (provided their applications continue to be valid) shall be inducted as a Conditional member at the induction meeting scheduled quarterly by the Membership Secretary and approved by the Board. A person’s Conditional membership shall last for no longer than nine (9) months and shall terminate upon the first of the following to occur: (i) rejection of the application by the Membership Committee or the Board; (ii) the person’s application becoming invalid; (iii) order of the Board; (iv) failing to timely pay Conditional member dues; (v) expiration of the above referenced three (3) month period; The person being inducted as a Conditional member. “Conditional” members shall have no voting or sponsorship rights in the Association. Conditional members will be allowed to accrue hours towards their Probationary membership requirements and if they elect to do so, the twelve (12) month period within which to complete the twelve (12) club functions, in accordance with Section 7 of this Article, shall commence. Conditional members shall become probationary members at the next dues period.

Probationary Membership

All new members, with the exception of Associate members, shall be on a probationary period pursuant with club policy. It shall be the duty of each new member during the probationary period to participate in twelve (12) club functions, at least six (6) of which must be active participation on workbee’s or serve upon a committee of the association to the satisfaction of the committee chairperson. If such obligations are not met, the member shall be expelled subject to a review of the Membership Committee and the Board.
Participation in these twelve (12) club functions must be completed within a twelve (12) months period, which shall commence on the first of the following to occur: (i) the date the Conditional member elects to participate in, and seek credit for, a club function; or (ii) the date the person becomes a a Probationary member. If such obligations are not met, the member shall be expelled subject to a review of the membership Committee and the Board.

Dues in the Association shall be as follows:

All dues will be an amount assessed and approved by the membership for each class. (i.e., Regular, Active, Probationary, Senior, Disabled and Semi-active).
Dues for a Regular member will be $225.00 per year.
Active – “Formerly Working” member’s dues for any regular working member who accumulates twenty-five (25) hours of approved club credits before June 30th will be $125.00 per year.
Probationary member’s dues will be Two Hundred Twenty Five dollars ($225.00) Must complete 24 hours of work time and 12 club functions before June 30th for renewal as a regular member, 49 hours to attain working member status.
Senior and Disabled member’s dues will be $65.00 per year after they have been a regular or working member for 2-5 years respectively.
Semi-Active member’s dues will be $75.00 per year.  Living more than 100 miles from the club
Conditional member dues shall be $140.00

Any Regular, Active, Disabled or Semi-Active or Associate member who is delinquent on July 1st shall be assessed a late fee of $25.00 (twenty-five dollars). In extenuating circumstances, the Membership Secretary shall have the right to waive the above fine.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a member of the finest club of its kind in the state of Michigan and Oakland County.

Send mail to with questions or comments about the club, or any club functions.