(The Multi-Lakes Conservation Association Cowboy Action Shooting Group)
Dedicated to the preservation and expansion of Cowboy Action Shooting
Established 2007

Activities – Register at any activity.

Sessions for 2018 – From 10:00am to “High Noon”

  • June 09
  • July 28
  • Good-Old-Days
  • September 15
  • Also at “Women On Target” seminars
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Shoot our guns of the “Old West” at the outdoor skeet range next to the 5-stand.
We have .22, .38, .44, 45Colt, 12 ga. & 20 ga.
Range fee: members $5, non $10.
Bring the kids and the ladies.


Carl Sundberg – Marshal of Huron River Raiders – AKA “Cool Hand Carl”
248-318-3463 –


About Cowboy Action Shooting

The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) is the national organization that directs our sport/game. They publish a handbook that details all the requirements for a cowboy action shoot. There is no substitute for reading this handbook to get a complete understanding of the requirements. This handbook is available HERE.   Following is a very brief overview.



Two single action pistols in pistol calibers 32 – 45Colt with velocities under 1000 feet/second. Refer to the rules at: Popular calibers are: 32H&R, 38spl., 357mag.,44-40, 44spl.,44mag., and 45Colt. All are lead,round nose flat pointed bullets. Most shooters reload their own.
1 – Lever Action Rifle or Carbine in a pistol caliber with the same requirements as the pistols except that the muzzle velocity from the rifle or carbine must be less than 1400 fps.
1 – Double Barrel or Hammered Pump or Lever Action Shotgun in 12, 16 or 20 gauge. The Winchester model 97 and 87 are acceptable as is almost any double barreled shotgun.

Lead Bullets are required since we shoot at steel targets.

Holsters are required for the pistols. These can be either normal or cross-draw configurations, however, the cross-draw configuration requires some restrictions as to holster angle and the shooter operation during the draw.


Shooter Categories:

In order to help level the playing field for different types of shooting and equipment, several shooting categories have been established. A few of the more common categories are listed below.

  • Traditional – Uses fixed sights and allows a two hand grip with smokeless powder cartridges.
  • Modern – Same as Traditional except pistols have adjustable sights.
  • Duelist – Uses fixed sights but requires one hand shooting, no support from the off hand. Guns are drawn in sequence.
  • Gunfighter – Uses fixed sights, both pistols are drawn simultaneously and fired alternately.

Black powder shooters have their own categories. There are also other categories that are more related to attire and/or equipment and/or age, such as the B Western, and Elder Statesman Categories.


Attire and Persona:

Each Cowboy action shooter needs to pick an alias to shoot under. Your SASS Alias must be different from any existing alias, which makes picking one a bit difficult. SASS has over 90,000 members so there are 90,000+ aliases already taken.
Also, at least some level of cowboy attire is required to participate in a SASS affiliated shoot, although casual clothing can be worn for our practice sessions.


Typical Shoot/Stage Description:

  • Stages – A typical shoot will consist of 5 shooting scenarios called stages. In each stage the cowboy shoots all three types of weapons, typically 10 shots with the pistols, 10 shots with the rifle or carbine, and 4 to 10 shots with the shotgun. Each stage depicts a western story; for example, a shootout in a bar, Black Bart’s gang attacking the ranch, an Indian Attack, etc. The weapons are fired in a specific order defined for that stage. The order and number of targets vary for each weapon for each stage. You may be required to move shooting positions for each weapon. The total time it takes to shoot the stage, corrected for misses and penalties, is the score.
  • Posses – Cowboys shoot the stages in groups called Posses. Each Posse has about 12 to 20 shooters. Each Posse has a Leader or Marshall that runs the stage. The members of the Posse have to provide people to help run the stage when they are not shooting. Three spotters are needed to count misses, the loading table and unloading table need supervision, someone needs to record the scores, brass &shotgun shells need to be picked up.

Work Hours:

Help is needed at practices, Good Old Days and Women on Target events.


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