Hello, my name is Tom Kubik – Chairmain for the Texas Hold’em fundraisers this year for Multi-Lakes.

No events are scheduled at this time. Check back with us later.


We are responsible to have 3 club members staffing each hour of each night from 5pm to 2am.

I would like to fill 3 hour time slots. Roles for the club members are to help sell poker chips, take the cash, and run chips to the poker tables as needed. Very easy work and no pressures at all. Individuals can work multiple shifts but we encourage everyone to support.

We need to build a list of names that will support these events so we can register them as workers for Multi-Lakes. If we register more names for each event, we can have last minute changes if emergencies come up.

We are required to present our list of names to the state 90 days in advance of the event so I would like to have our 27 (minimum) names completed by Feb 24th for the May event.

Please call (248) 613-83340 or email tomkubik@comcast.net