Texas Hold’em Fundraising Events

During 2017, the efforts of our membership supported the raising of great $$ funds for MultiLakes – Thank you to all of those who assisted with the 2017 events. Now we are looking at 2018, and volunteers are needed to help with running our Texas Hold’em Charity Nights.

  • May 16-19 (Wed – Sat) at All Star Lanes in Walled Lake
  • July 23-25 (Mon – Wed) at Shark’s Club in Waterford
  • Sept 12-15 (Wed – Sat) at All Star Lanes in Walled Lake

We need 3 volunteers per hour of each night. This is extremely easy work to help raise money for the club.
And New this year, we are going to be crediting you funds to go back to the club/activity you wish. We will have $50 per night available to be allocated by the hours worked by individual. The funds can be allocated to your designated activity or leave it to the general fund. Example, for those who shoot on the Archery league, you and 2 other members could work an entire evening and make $50 that will go back to the Archery group…Work 4 total nights and you would have $200 to possibly support your league banquet.
I look forward to hearing from Everyone interested in supporting Multi-Lakes.

Thank you, ~Tom Kubik

Please call (248) 613-83340 or email tomkubik@comcast.net